[ast-developers] RFC: removing support for long dead OS's like DYNIX/3 and pre ANSI C compilers
Kurtis Rader
2017-10-28 06:09:28 UTC
I noticed that AST (specifically the ast-ksh project) tries to support
standards and operating systems that have been dead for many years. Such as
K&R C (pre ANSI C) compilers. And operating systems like DYNIX/3 (see issue
https://github.com/att/ast/issues/81). Can anyone provide a good reason why
the project should still support those long dead standards and OS's?
Because doing so makes it more difficult to keep ksh93 relevant to people
who might otherwise use bash, zsh, or fish.
Kurtis Rader
Caretaker of the exceptional canines Junior and Hank