[ast-developers] You should be watching the Github project if you want to participate in ksh93's evolution
Kurtis Rader
2017-12-17 03:57:30 UTC
There is a lot of activity regarding the Korn shell (ksh or ksh93)
occurring at https://github.com/att/ast. That activity is currently focused
on removing lots of legacy code that is no longer relevant (e.g., support
for operating systems that are dead), improving code quality, changing the
build system to Meson, and fixing bugs that cause unit test failures.

One of the recent questions we would like feedback on is removing the
incomplete, broken, code for "fixed size arrays". That is, code controlled
by the SHOPT_FIXEDARRAY symbol. See https://github.com/att/ast/issues/234.

This is going to be the last time I send a message to these mailing lists
asking for feedback about a proposed change. If you care about the future
of the Korn shell you need to be monitoring the Github project at
https://github.com/att/ast/. There will likely be announcements to these
mailing lists when something significant happens. Such as a candidate for
the next stable release being available. But I'm not going to duplicate
requests for comment on these legacy mailing lists which are not under the
control of the open source community. And I doubt @siteshwar, or any other
contributor, is going to do so.
Kurtis Rader
Caretaker of the exceptional canines Junior and Hank